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Stone & Tile Cleaning

Discolored or dirty tile and stone can significantly detract from the aesthetic of a home or business. However, floors require special care for them to retain their integrity and using improper chemical cleaning agents can result in surface deterioration or destruction of material. That is why choosing a professional with knowledge of proper deep cleaning practices is important to the longevity of your tile and grout. At Dunn-Right Custom Carpet Cleaning & Water Restoration, we have experienced and knowledgeable experts who are glad to offer their professional cleaning skills to clients in the Medina, Ohio area.

Our Strategy

Prior to starting our clean, we analyze the tile or stone and establish the best method of cleaning for the surface. Some materials are sensitive and require more specialized chemicals. After we have a plan of action, we begin the cleaning process by removing surface dirt, dust, and debris to make deep cleaning easier. Once we have taped off the surrounding area to avoid the potential spread of chemicals to other surfaces, we begin the full deep cleaning and stain removal process. Our team regularly performs quality checks throughout the cleaning process of every project.

Tile and stone flooring require specialized cleaning for the protection of their surface and the grout that holds it together. For the best possible cleaning service, home and business owners need a professional who can offer them the service that they deserve. With Dunn-Right Custom Carpet Cleaning & Water Restoration, grimy, stained grout, and flooring is our specialty. With years of experience, and extensive knowledge of cleaning products and procedures, we feel confident that each of our clients will be left completely satisfied.