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Vacuum cleaning a carpet

Carpet Cleaning in Medina

As long as we've had floors, we've had carpets to cover them. Carpeting can make a space more beautiful, adding warmth, color and comfort to your home. While they may be a practical and aesthetic addition to your interiors, a carpet does pose a few challenges in terms of how best to keep it clean. Dunn-Right Custom Carpet Cleaning offers Medina residents the very best carpet care solutions available. While vacuuming regularly is an important aspect of maintaining your carpet or rug, it doesn't provide the deep cleaning capabilities found in the tools used by carpet care specialists. The importance of keeping your carpet clean is multifaceted; well-maintained carpeting can improve your health, save you time and money and also keep your home looking its best.

Experienced Carpet Cleaners

Most people know that carpets are prone to collect dust and dirt in their fibers, and it can be tempting to assume that a good once over with a vacuum can take care of that. The truth of the matter is that your carpeting is going to attract quite a bit more than that. Carpet fibers have been shown to pick up and trap almost any air pollutants you would find in your home. This means that while a thorough vacuum may improve the look of your carpet, there are particles that are going to be impossible to remove without a professional cleaning. Dust, pet dander, bio-pollutants and other air borne particles can cause and exacerbate respiratory issues or allergies. By having your carpets professionally cleaned you're insuring the high quality of your indoor air, and in turn keeping yourself healthy and happy.

Vacuum cleaning a carpet

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Don't let your budget get swept under the rug. Carpeting is one of the most expensive investments homeowners make. If you've had your carpet installed, you also probably have a warranty on it. Most people don't realize that dust and dirt can actually damage their carpeting. When you read over your statement it's not uncommon to find a clause that makes professional carpet cleaning necessary to maintain warranty coverage. Most statements will have a specific timeline laid out in terms of how frequent these cleanings need to be, with an average of about once every 12 months. By keeping up regularly scheduled cleanings you can protect your investment, insuring that the manufacturer covers any maintenance.

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A beautifully maintained rug or carpet can make your space inviting, making the whole room looks its best. Your interior design is how you express yourself at home or at work, and carpeting can play a huge role in that. In Medina Dunn-Right Custom Carpet Cleaning is happy to help you keep your home or business looking its best. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about carpet maintenance or care. Give us a call, we'd love to hear from you!